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Surprise in the mail [Jan. 23rd, 2007|12:41 pm]
Creactivists' Voice: The Beginning
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I wonder if anyone here is aware of child support issues and such here for New Hampshire. I received a surprise in the mail today, that has quite taken me aback, unpleasantly.

The letter was a copy of a child support order that was supposedly in court 3 weeks ago. This final order states that my ex husband was ordered to pay only $50 dollars a month in child support and $10 a month towards what he already owes. He owes more than $12,000 from when we lived in NY and he has only ever paid $50 towards child support since we've lived in NH (about 7 years now). The last time we were in court over support was in 2004, at least that I know about, when the same was ordered for a period of only 6 months until my ex either got a job or got on disability, and as far as I know it was never reviewed...until now. I was never informed that the issue was coming up 3 weeks ago, and this final order states that this is what the order will be in effect until he dies, and payments are suspended until he is off public assistance. The problem is that I'm on disability, and as such my daughter receives public assistance, and so as far as the court is concerned he owes the state, not my daughter. But shouldnt my daughter's rights/advocate be informed if not represented at a preceeding like this?

I'm also frightened because my ex was VERY abusive, and if he was in the area I would like to know. Some weeks ago, I dont remember exactly when, I saw someone in my town that looked like him but I told myself I was just being silly since I hadnt heard from him for at least a couple of years. I'm frightened in part because when we were getting divorced he said he would wait until she was about this age to kidnap her.

Some part of me says, "So what?" I've never thought that she would get any significant support from him, and I really dont care about money but am fairly happy he is no longer apart of our lives. But I feel very very sad for my daughter, who has the issue of a father who doesnt give a damn hanging over her head constantly for all her life.

So he basically never has to pay child support. He never paid but once the last time he was ordered to pay $50 plus $10, and it doesnt sound like this order will be up for review. I think my daughter has the right to expect something from him, but I just feel cut up inside and I have no clue what to do.