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Cross Your Fingers and Your Toes.... [Mar. 18th, 2007|09:23 am]
Creactivists' Voice: The Beginning
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So I have sent a letter of concern to the ER nursing director, the hospital's "Quality Services", the Ombudsman, and the Epilepsy Foundation of Vermont since New Hampshire doesnt have its own office, and Vermont is probably the closest. I'm feeling uneasy because that may be going overboard, but I stated in the letter that I wanted to file a complaint with the weight of seriousness the matter requires, so that they review and change their practices. I'm also uneasy because I claimed it was "unconscionable" for them to have yelled: "Anastasia you're too heavy! You're going to hurt somebody!" when they lifted me up during my seizure and demanded that I walk to the gurney but I couldnt move my legs...so they had to carry me. (They shouldnt have lifted me during a seizure in the first place, in the air, not to a lying position). True as it may be, it might constitute as libel. The terms of my complaint were basically that I wanted these practices reviewed and for them to seek out training on the proper treatment for those with epilepsy.

This is an important issue. Though my own case had mild consequences, there have been deaths and lawsuits regarding the lack of knowledge and misguided practices of "first responders" in the treatment of someone who is having a seizure. This simply has to be reversed.