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Update! Scholarship Database - Creactivists' Voice: The Beginning [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Update! Scholarship Database [Sep. 21st, 2006|05:27 pm]
Creactivists' Voice: The Beginning
[mood |optimisticoptimistic]

After surfing many a scholarship database, and weeding out double entries, I have now colleccted information on 50 scholarships for those with disabilities/disabling conditions. I have many more sites to go through, but once Ive completed the site search, I will be sending those who requested it a complete file. You have another chance to request it here. Again I will be screening responses so you wont have to worry about your contact information leaking out to the sullied public eye. Plus, I will not be keeping this information for anything but sending this file out, nor giving it out to anyone else, etc. I understand how important privacy issues can be.

Incidentally, as I seek to compile a major mailing list of the different agencies and organizations that aid the disabled I will also search on those websites for any other scholarships I might have missed on the scholarship sites. I will not wait, however, to send out the completed scholarship file, because of time concerns. So, perhaps, in the future, there will be a MEGA completed file...ahhh the future is bright.